Things to do in Cambridge

Visit Cambridge’s Green Parks & Open Spaces this August

Jesus Green

Cambridge can boast some of the most peaceful and inviting parks, a truly green city. Here are some of our top outdoor spaces to visit while staying at Christ’s College.

August is the perfect time of year to visit Cambridge and take in the beauty of its green outdoor spaces, firstly you can take a stroll along the The Backs, it’s the best of both worlds; tree lined avenues with views over some of the most famous Colleges.

Close to Jesus College is Jesus Green, a beautiful space, with facilities to play tennis, table tennis and have BBQ’s it’s a great place to meet friends or have a picnic, it also has a skate park and a children’s play area.

A game of football?

One of Cambridge’s larger green areas is Parker’s Piece, where gown and town part company and you reach ‘Reality Checkpoint’ iconic for Cambridge residents and students alike. This large cast-iron lamp post is said to be where the student part of the city ends and the real world begins! Parker’s Piece is also where the defining rules of football were drawn up in 1848, these became the origin of the FA’s modern Rules of Association Football in 1863. Being one of the larger spaces near the centre Parkers Piece hosts many events throughout the year.

Just over the road is Midsummer Common, a piece ancient of Common Land where Cambridge Midsummer Fair was granted a charter by King John in 1211 and is still held every year. The common also host the annual Strawberry Fair and Guy Fawkes Night, its’ also home to a heard of Red Poll Cows, so be careful where you sit!

Cows also have grazing rights at Sheep’s Green/Coe Fen (there were sheep at one stage!) Classed as a Local Nature Reserve, the fen is managed to encourage an increase in natural diversity and is intended to remain as a water meadow habitat with periodic flooding. Punts can be hired for taking up river through the meadows to Grantchester, or for floating downstream past the Backs by all the riverside colleges to Jesus Lock.

Before we leave the town completely, head to the University’s Botanic Garden, with its 40 acres of gardens, plant life and glasshouses, with lots of free and paid courses this is a beautiful place to visit whatever the weather.

A little further a field…

Heading out of the city centre now and there a lots of parks and open spaces to visit, first is Cherry Hinton Hall Park, Cherry Hinton Hall is a Grade II listed Victorian country house and a beautiful green park surrounds it. The park’s large ponds and trees attract a diverse range of wild animals, birds and insects. Our interactive tree trail shows off the variety of trees in the park – you can learn about them on your phone as you walk.

If you fancy a really long walk in the semi-countryside then head for Wandlebury Country Park and Nature Reserve, this beautiful countryside estate offers miles of wonderful walks through woodland and wildflower meadows. There are also remains of a circular Iron Age Hillfort, and an historic 18th century house, stables and gardens.

If the above wasn’t enough to get those walking boots out then you can also try Milton Country Park, located North of the city, this park has almost 100 acres of woodland ad wetlands and is brilliant for a walk, it has a real community feel.

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