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Cambridge Bookshops: A hub of rich literature and unique settings.

Cambridge bookshops: Open sign

Cambridge Bookshops: A hub of rich literature and unique settings.

Cambridge, famous for its world-renowned University, vibrant atmosphere and historical charm, is also home to an abundance of quaint and unique bookshops that bookworms around the world dream about. Whether you’re a literature enthusiast, a passionate reader, or a casual browser, you’ll be delighted by the variety of bookshops in this beautiful city.

David’s Bookshop

Nestled down the enchanting streets of St Edward’s Passage lies a small paradise for book lovers, G. David’s Bookshop. Stepping inside is like walking into a different era, where antique bookcases, with creaky wooden floors underfoot and towering stacks of used books overhead, give you a truly charming experience.

The store prides itself on stocking books on every conceivable subject, offering customers the perfect browsing adventure.

Cambridge University Press Bookshop

Steeped in a rich history, Cambridge University Press Bookshop is touted as the oldest bookshop site in the country. This isn’t just a shop, it’s a treasure trove of wisdom passed down over centuries. In operation since 1581, this renowned store caters to an academic audience, primarily supplying textbooks, academic b

Cambridge Bookshop: Cambridge University Press Bookshop sign
Cambridge Bookshop: Cambridge University Press Bookshop sign

ooks, and specialist titles. Yet it remains a draw for readers of all backgrounds, seeking to expand their minds and browse a remarkable literary history.

Heffers Bookshop

One can’t write about Cambridge bookshops without mentioning Heffers. Founded in 1876, this shop provides an all-in-one literary solution, carrying a wide range of genres, from contemporary fiction and children’s books to stationery, games, and music.

It regularly hosts engaging author events and book signings, making it a dynamic and lively hub in the local community.

Waterstones Cambridge

Waterstones in Cambridge is housed within a stunning Grade II listed building, it showcases five beautiful floors packed full of all the genres you could wish for. Their knowledgeable staff members, excellent café and cozy armchairs make for an unforgettable experience for bibliophiles, and the children’s floor is light and airy, and a great place to stop by and keep the little ones entertained for a while.

The Haunted Bookshop No, you did not misread the title.

St Edwards Passage is also home to an endearing second-hand children’s bookshop by the name of The Haunted Bookshop. Filled to the brim with vintage, modern, and out-of-print children’s books, this charming little nook is a hit with young readers and those young at heart. Its charming name originates from a 1930s novel by Christopher Morley, which once graced its shelves.

It has performed many functions from student housing to its current state as a home of old books and has been privy to many unexplained spectral sightings. The old owner reportedly saw the ghost of an old man in the basement during his tenure. So why not pop in, you never know who you might meet!

Each shop possesses its unique atmosphere and collection, mirroring the diversity of the literary world itself, and cementing Cambridge’s reputation as a bibliophile’s dream.

So next time you find yourself in this historical city, let the beauty of these enchanting Cambridge bookshops guide your adventure.

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